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Who We Are

Mortgage Broking Specialists

Mortgage Broker & Refinancers for the People

At Roberto Finance we provide top quality mortgage broking services with a personal and community feel. We are a boutique Melbourne firm that loves to be able to make connections with every single one of our clients. Since our inception, we have been able to service clients from a wide range of different backgrounds and occupations. Our brokers are highly skilled in their field and are able to consistently deliver optimal results for clients.

Where Your Journey Begins

  • Our Core Values

    Roberto Finance prides itself on upholding a set of values that ensure the highest levels of accountability. Our culture is grounded in the belief that integrity, transparency and due diligence are of the highest importance and essential for our firm to function at its full potential. Maintaining a culture of accountability ensures that we never cut corners or take unnecessary risks. At the end of the day, it is your future we are dealing with and that should always come first. Whenever we organise a loan for our clients it is always after a great deal of research and consideration. We guarantee that any mortgage loan we broker for a client perfectly matches their capabilities and will continue to be feasible into the future.

  • Where Your Journey Begins

    The very first step when hiring Roberto Finance is the initial consultation. We like this first meeting to be conducted in a relaxed manner where you can get to know your broker and start to understand some of the basic processes mortgage broking. It is essential that you should trust any financial professional you deal with and a mortgage broker is no exception. At this initial meeting, we will ask some basic questions about your current fiscal position, your future aspirations and some of your possible concerns.

  • A Customised Service

    It is important to recognise that at Roberto Finance you will always be treated as an individual. You are our top priority and you should always feel that you can personally stay in contact with your broker

why people use us and keep coming back

“We provide comprehensive and confidential credit advice, personalised researched reports and expert mortgage broking services at a time and place convenient to you.”


1.Initial Consultation

where we work with you to identify:

  • your immediate finance needs

  • your medium and long term finance goals

  • your priorities and your key frustrations

  • what you ideally seek from your preferred lending partner


3.Follow up Meeting

At our Final Meeting we present our recommendations and proceed to:

  • Prepare, then submit your loan application

  • Actively manage the application process to ensure that all milestones are met in a timely fashion

  • Manage the settlement process to ensure that your loan settles on time




Our team of experts then :

  • Ascertain your borrowing suitability

  • Research appropriate home loan options

  • Shortlist and compare lending options that best suit you

  • Supporting document requirements


4.Client for Life

As a Lifetime Client, we will endeavour to

  • Check in with you 6 weeks after loan settlement

  • Keep you up to date each month through our client newsletter

  • Complete a complimentary Annual Home Loan Health Check and make appropriate recommendations



5 simple Feng Shui tips for your home

Site Selection

The good location is conducive to the overall development. The house should not be built on the ridge, at the valley gateway, on the cliffside, at the river outlet, next to the overbridge or highway, in a cul-de-sac, or at a T road intersection. Also, the place with accidents before should be avoided. Because the house in these places may easily lead to natural and man-made disasters, and various diseases, thus adverse to your health.


The direction decides the orientation of a house. The most auspicious house direction in Feng Shui is south-facing, which is good for light, Qi absorption and family harmony. The poor orientation may lead to family illness and you living in will feel uncomfortable, even have your offspring affected. Of course, the orientation can be decided according to your fate. For example, if you have Yang and fire fate, southwest is the preferred direction since it is beneficial to strengthen the magnetic field of your house and brings you good Feng Shui fortune.

External Environment

The Feng Shui of external environment determines the internal Qi absorption. For example, if the house leans against something behind and the front is open and bright, it has an advantageous aura field; if it leans against a building or mountain, it has even better aura field. Without a building or blockagen-front, the house has a favorable Qi absorption. Surroundings of the house,should not be hospital, temple or graveyard. Ensure there are no lamp pole, wire pole, tree etc. directly in-front of your gate, or your wealth and health will be affected.

Internal Environment

You should pay special attention to your front door. In building or buying a house, you should make sure the front door does not have Feng Shui taboos, such as front door facing a T- junction front door opening directly to a kitchen or bathroom, which may lead to financial losses. The entrance of the house should not face the main building's gate and the indoor stair should not face the entry door/gate because such a house is unfavourable to accumulate wealth according to the folk Feng Shui theory. The door should not face a hallway because it is adverse to living and family members. There should be no window at the end of the hallway to void the leakage of family wealth

Overall Shape of the House

The house should be square, regular, symmetrical and flat. The triangle or irregular house may lead to mental tension; from the perspective of traditional Chinese Feng Shui, this kind of house may easily lead to hassle, i.e. disharmony, including the disharmony with people and things. So the regular house shape is very important in terms of Feng Shui.